Rain barrels raise funds

This story is based on three Truckload Rain Barrel events — (1) Sackville Community Food Garden & Our Social Market, April 2019 (2) Bible Hill for Our Social Market, May 2019 (3) Sackville Rivers Association, June 2019. Story REPRINTED in part.

CHRONICLE HERALD The South Shore Breaker, The Valley Harvester [print]

Published: June 18, 2019

Rain barrels raise funds

By Sheryl Dubois

Fundraisers come in all shapes and sizes. Popular in Nova Scotia this Spring is the Truckload Rain Barrel Event …

Five reasons this fundraiser works

1. Price Point

There is no better price for the recycled, food-grade, 220 litre (55 gallon) rain barrel, … Price wise, there is little, if any, competition.

2. Return is terrific

For every rain barrel (unit) sold at the $55 price point, the non-profit keeps $10. …

3. Easy to sell

… camps or cottages rely on captured rainwater for the garden, washing up, or brushing teeth. If a water line breaks or the well goes dry, rain barrels are a safety feature allowing residents to flush the toilet or fill a sink. The rain barrel saves money for residents paying water tax.

4. Easy fundraiser

The company, rainbarrel.ca, provides great customer service …No taking orders! The website provides detailed instructions for products. …

5. Volunteer requirements

The Pick-up event requires at least 8-10 people for a four-hour window in which customers may pick up the rain barrel(s). The truck is emptied (8 -10 volunteers for 20 minutes), customers register or pay for their purchases at a table (2-4 volunteers), pick up their accessories (2 volunteers) and get their barrel(s) (4 volunteers).

A few tips

Schedule back-up volunteers in the event the truck is late. I’ve seen the truck right on time and up to six hours late. Flexibility and contingency planning are key.

Flexibility and contingency planning are key.

Prepare customer group email in advance to be sent if the truck is late and/or the pick-up time changes.

Be sure your customers know where you are. Check google maps and all social media to be sure drivers are directed to the right location.

Assume there will be some barrels left. Ask a few people with trucks to be on-call. …

-The accessories are not labelled. Print off the product page of every different product you have sold ….

…be kind, respectful and generous to your volunteers, and you will always have some.

One of the many photos and posters available at rainbarrel.ca for marketing your rain barrel fundraiser.
One of the many photos and posters available at rainbarrel.ca for marketing your rain barrel fundraiser.

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