Sackville Area Warming Centre SAWC

Amy Holloway took photos at Freedom Kitchen in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, in December. She published a few of the photos online and gave some to Freedom Kitchen to use. Their Facebook banner – a Holloway photo – caught my eye.

Somehow, I don’t remember how, I learned Amy had photos of, or plans to photograph, Sackville Area Warming Centre. I was writing a story about SAWC at the time*. I contacted Amy and she proceeded to attend a meeting at Sackville Area Warming Centre and sent some some fabulous photographs. The meeting was to communicate information about SAWC and an opportunity for neighbours to drop off gift bags and other items to give to visitors of SAWC.

*The Sackville Area Warming Centre does not have beds as written in the article. My error. The warming centre offers a cozy space, warm hearts, snacks and links to other services in the community.

Sackville Area Warming Centre

Facebook SAWC

Director Mike Poworoznyk greeting volunteers, sponsors, and supporters in December, 2019.

What Sackville Area Warming Centre SAWC is:

  • Volunteer-led
  • Free service
  • Overnight drop-in during winter months
  • Warm, safe space to pass the night
  • Soup and other snacks
  • Hospitality, people to chat with (or not)
  • For people who are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity.
  • Serves Beaver Bank, Bedford, Fall River, Sackville, Wellington.

Volunteers are the heart of this organization. Please consider giving some time.

Donations welcome and especially —

  • Bus tickets
  • Caffeinated coffee
  • Coffee Mate
  • Snacks
  • Donations of money, to purchase supplies
Amy Holloway Photography – Supplies and information are free at Sackville Area Warming Centre
This image shows a young girl with many of the bags and items donated to the Sackville NS Area Warming Centre for the 2019-2020 season. Photograph by Amy Holloway
Amy Holloway Photography
The community was invited to the launch of the 2019-2020 season for Sackville Area Warming Centre. Volunteers, donors and supporters arrived with gifts and donations for the guests of the warming centre.

Apostrophes and Amperstamps. We can help.

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