Dementia questions? Fear not. Ask.

For three years in the late 1990s I worked in local hospitals one-on-one with youth and adults who could be violent towards themselves or others, or, who were living with dementia and were at risk for harming themselves or others.

l look back on those experiences and know that living with dementia is hard and can be cruel. Loving someone living with dementia can also be hard and can be cruel.

That said, there are ways to soften the edges, ways to help make the experience much, much better.

In December 2020 I wanted to write a piece that would be helpful for people living with dementia and people loving people living with dementia.

Dementia is hard to talk about, to be open about. I had contacts at Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia and reached out. The result was a piece called, ‘Help and support for navigating the dementia journey,’ published in several Saltwire news sources including The Southwest wire, The Valley Wire and the Colchester Wire.

Thank you to Linda Bird and Jenna Farrell, Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia, for your time and ideas.

Got dementia questions. Linda and Jenna want to help you get answers. Visit or call 902-422-7961 or 1-800-611-6345.

Jenna Farrell and Linda Bird in their office at Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia (ASNS). They have resources to share – by email, snail mail, phone, virtual workshops, videos and a burgeoning website.

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Fear not. Ask.

Rendered by Sheryl Dubois, (c) 2021

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